Quintana Roo has put its 20 years of experience into its latest bike, the Cd0.1. Like most large manufacturers these days, extensive development and testing has been spent in a wind tunnel, and the result is, according to the company, a frame, fork and seat post package with the “lowest drag coefficient ever measured." The clue’s in the name - the frame boasting a drag coefficient of just 0.1.

At the heart of the developments is what Quintana Roo is calling Shift Technology. The striking frame features a downtube that has been offset between the head tube and bottom bracket, in an effort to create a vacuum around the downtube that encourages turbulent air to pass over the non-drive side, decreasing air resistance.

Other drag reducing measures include a front brake hidden behind the front fork, internally routed cables and the rear brake located behind the bottom bracket shell, leaving the seat stays clean of any airflow disrupting appendages.

The new Cd0.1 will be produced in size and availability is expected for April 2009. Watch this space for more info including prices. Quintana Roo are distributed by Paligap (info@paligapltd.co.uk - 01179 823 673).

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