Sportful’s SpeedSkin Silicone Bootie is a lightweight, minimalist overshoe that offers excellent foul weather protection but limited thermal properties. It works very well when it comes to keeping water out, and the fit is intended to be close for getting every watt out of your ride.

The SpeedSkin design translates to a very light but fairly stretchy material which is easy enough to get on and off your shoes - though the prominent ratchet on the my road shoes did mean the Booties needed a good tug to get into place.

Alberto Contador helped with the original design apparently and the overshoes are constructed with taped seams to limit the potential entry points for water. Even after plenty of testing, the internal wide seal tape has stayed in place.

Sportful SpeedSkin Silicone Booties - review (Pic: Jim Clarkson/Factory Media)

Once on, the overshoes stay put well and the coverage above and below the sole is great - there are very few areas for water to creep in, even from road spray. They sit snugly around the cleats and heel area, too.

The original purpose of the overshoes was as a time trial bootie for Contador and his team-mates, and they are cut long to boost their aerodynamic properties. That is furthered helped by the close fit, but most regular riders will be more interested in the protection offered.

The SpeedSkin's material is fully waterproof, though like any overshoe there's still potential for water to creep in through the sole or by running down your leg. I found them really good for milder, wet rides but in colder winter temperatures I would prefer something with better thermal properties.


Price: £42
Sizes: S-XXL
Website: Sportful

Meanwhile, the sealed design and silicone-lined fabric means breathability starts to suffer as the temperature creeps up, so these are best for the kind of weather you're likely to see in spring and autumn.

The full-length YKK zipper on the heel has proved solid and reliable - tough enough to cope with grit and muck, though personally I would have preferred if there was more stretch in that area.

The reflective areas for a little extra visibility are a nice touch, while the heel area is reinforced which helps reduce the wear off the bike.

Sportful SpeedSkin Silicone Booties - review (Pic: Jim Clarkson/Factory Media)


The Sportful SpeedSkin Booties are a lightweight, windproof and waterproof set of overshoes. They lack a little in the thermal department, but for climates where the weather is milder and you're likely to ride regularly in damp conditions, they are a good choice.



- Fully waterproof, with taped seams ensuring no water ingress
- Excellent close fit but still easy enough to get on


- Lack of thermal protection for cold winter rides
- Expensive