When it comes to GPS bike computers, Garmin remains almost ubiquitous at the forefront of the market, while Wahoo are making exciting waves with the launch of the ELEMNT Bolt.

But there are other options to explore, particularly if you have a tighter budget or just want a simple-to-use, value-for-money bike computer to explore your local roads with – like the Lezyne Super GPS, for example.

Lezyne’s move into the bike computer market in 2015 saw them launch three new computers, with the Super GPS topping a range that also boasts the Power GPS and Mini GPS – the latter launching as the smallest GPS-enabled bike computer on the market at the time. Wahoo have given the latter a run for its money with the addition of the ELEMNT Mini to their own line-up, but at the top of Lezyne’s range, you still can’t go wrong with the Super GPS if it’s value-for-money you are after.

Lezyne Super GPS

We first stuck the Lezyne Super GPS in the RCUK 100 back in 2016 and it returns this year as an excellent value-for-money alternative to those at the top of the market. Lezyne have made their name as accessories experts, and their GPS computer line-up fully reflects that – so value-for-money is not a euphemism for low quality either.

"The Lezyne Super GPS is an excellent value-for-money alternative to those at the top of the market"

The raw facts are the Lezyne Super GPS will give you 400 hours of storable ride time, as well as throwing in ANT+ connectivity and Bluetooth Smart – that’s double the amount of ride time, and increased connectivity when compared to the Power GPS.

Lezyne Super GPS

Seal of approval

If you want (or indeed, need) an all-singing, all-dancing, live mapping GPS bike computer then you’re going to need to pay for it. If you want to see your data on the fly, in a reliable package that doesn’t break the bank, the Lezyne Super GPS should be high on your wishlist.

Bluetooth Smart connectivity translates to call, text and email alerts when connected to your smartphone, as well as – of course – communication with any of your other Bluetooth devices. With ANT+ connectivity too, the Lezyne Super GPS should be able to collect data from any of your connectable sensors and devices.

Lezyne Super GPS

Price: £129.99

Website: Lezyne

You also get a claimed 22-hour battery life and an easy-to-read screen, with the biggest compromise if you’re shopping at this price point being the lack of live mapping on any of Lezyne’s GPS bike computers.

If it’s a simple and easy-to-use bike computer you are after, however, that is not a deal breaker – the Lezyne Super GPS remains one of the top value-for-money bike computers on the market.