For a company that only launched in 2015, it is fair to say Sussex-based Hunt Bike Wheels have made quite the impact. But then if you’re going to churn out top quality wheels, covering all spectrums of the market, you’re likely to turn heads.

The Hunt Aero Light Disc hoops first launched in Hunt’s second year, and were immediately inducted into the RCUK 100 thanks to their combination of very good value and trend-hitting features.

And when a cycling product is so on trend, it stands the test of time – which means here we are, in 2018, and Hunt’s Aero Light Disc wheels are still among our picks of the bunch.

Hunt Aero Light Disc

The name hides very little – these wheels are built to be the aerodynamic and lightweight hoops for your next disc-brake bike. They sit in the middle of Hunt’s ten-strong disc-brake wheel range, which is topped by the flagship 50Carbon Aero Discs and runs through to the bike-packing-aimed SuperDura Dynamo Discs.

"The name hides very little – these wheels are built to be the aerodynamic and lightweight hoops for your next disc-brake bike"

While they have a shallower depth compared to the 50Carbons, and a narrower rim, they share the same 1498g weight and come in at more than half the price – offering change from £400. Such is their value-for-money, Hunt boldly proclaim to be the ‘pretty much the fastest pound-for-pound wheels you can buy for your disc road bike’.

Hunt Aero Light Disc

Seal of approval

Think about the current trends in the cycling industry, and the chances are the Hunt Aero Light Disc is catered for it. It’s designed specifically for disc brakes, and was ahead of the curve in that respect. It’s also excellent bang-for-your-buck.

And with disc-equipped aero road bikes very much on point in the bike industry – Marcel Kittel bagged five Tour de France stage wins on a disc-equipped Specialized Venge ViAS last year – that is something to sit up and take notice of.

The aero advantages are on the marginal side – real-world effects will be less with just a 28mm deep rim – but the low weight is impressive for a disc-brake wheelset. That, paired with the combination of bladed aero spokes and straight pull hubs, is said to make your riding more efficient.

Hunt Aero Light Disc

Hunt also built the wheels specifically for disc braking; there is no disguised rim braking surface, while the surface has been strengthened even further thanks to a micro-peened finish.

The Hunt Aero Light Disc wheels are also tubeless-ready – one thing not stated in the title – and you can even purchase them fitted with Schwalbe’s One Pro Tubeless tyres for a further £99 (RRP is £134 per pair, so you’re saving money and time).

Hunt Aero Disc Light

Hunt Aero Light Disc

Price: £399.00

Website: Hunt Bike Wheels

Hunt’s Sprint hubs provide the satisfying whir that says “look at my upgraded wheels” and, more importantly, good engagement when you drop the hammer too.

Other technical features include thru-axles front and rear, adding up to a package offering low weight wheels, with small aero advantages and reliable braking – and all for less than £400. Now that’s good value for money.