Hackney GT has always prided itself on making its products in the UK, but somehow manages to put out kit for reasonable prices. In fact, the Tricolour jersey I’ve been testing has the look of a premium bit of kit, but at £85 doesn’t have the price tag to match. So what’s the catch?

Well, I’m pleased to say that there isn’t one. Sure, the material’s breathability could be a bit better, but the same could be said for all but the most lightweight of jerseys during the UK’s summer heatwave. Also, the garment’s blue, grey and pink colours have started to slightly fade after about 20 washes, but the fact it has been worn so consistently during and post-testing should speak for itself.

The fit of the torso is close without restricting movement, while the sleeves are aero in style and sit just above the elbow. At the end of each sleeve is one of the thickest elastic arm cuffs I’ve ever seen, but it helps keep the jersey firmly in place without causing discomfort or cutting off blood circulation to the rest of my arms.

Hackney GT Tricolour jersey - review

As mentioned, the polyester-based Lycra isn’t the most breathable out there, but suffices on all but the hottest days. The front and rear’s main body wicks away sweat with ease, however a lack of ventilation in the fabric that has been used for the sleeves and the sides does mean that the jersey has its work cut out for under the armpits.

"I’m a fan of the tricolour approach and the pink section in particular gives the jersey a Neapolitan ice cream vibe"

The Zipex zip is a doddle to adjust on the move, and it goes right to the top of the garment’s neck line. The cut, which finishes just south of the Adam’s apple, is higher than most that we’ve seen this summer, but that extra bit of fabric has come in handy on colder starts when the sun is low and the shadows are long.

Hackney GT Tricolour jersey - review

Hackney GT Tricolour jersey

Price: £105

Sizes: XS-XXXL

Size tested: Medium

Colours: Blue/grey/pink

Website: Hackney GT

On the rear can be found three good-sized pockets, which have been double stitched to make them extra strong and resistant to those desperate tugs when searching for that elusive gel. A large fourth zipped pocket is also included, and, wait for it, it’s actually big enough to fit a phone in it. This is rounded off with a silicone gripper at the base that keeps things secure without digging in.

Beneath the pockets, Hackney GT has included a subtle reflective strip that doesn’t scream ‘hi-vis’ and actually complements the design overall. I’m a fan of the tricolour approach and the pink section in particular gives the jersey a Neapolitan ice cream vibe. This is finished off by a logo at the base of the neck, its #free_styling motto on those arm cuffs and a Made in England tag below the pockets.


When buying something with a ‘made in England’ tag, you can expect to pay a premium. But in the Tricolour jersey, Hackney GT has managed to produce a technically astute jersey that can give garments twice its price a run for their money.


- Great value
- Comfortable
- Good pockets


- Poor ventilation in side and arm panels