The Pactimo Summit Aero jersey blends everything you could want from a summer jersey – light weight, breathability, a comfortable fit and plenty of practicality – without any of the downsides of an aero cut jersey.

The term ‘aero’, when used to describe cycling garments, is often a little misleading. The automatic expectation is of a super-close fit that’s perfect for riders with a slim build, which, depending on who you are, may or may not be what you’re after. Many find this kind of fit restricting, and so are understandably put off.

However, Pactimo has worked wonders here to create a jersey that hugs the body, yet is very flexible to allow plenty of stretch. It calls the blend of lightweight fabrics, including the mesh underarm panels, a ‘TotalFit’ combination, which smoothes over common pressure points (typically shoulders, around the chest and neckline) where chafing can occur.

Additionally, each and every fabric – including the lightweight ‘Superleggero’ main panels and a breathable ‘TransferC’ back panel – feels soft against the skin. In another plus, it also feels like a natural textile, which boosts the comfort further.

This feeds into the long-ride performance claims of the jersey – you wear it like a second skin, but without any comfort-related downsides. The fabrics dry very quickly, and in the hot British summer of 2018 it’s so far been one of the outstanding jerseys I’ve used in this respect.

Pactimo Summit Aero jersey - review

I also like that it doesn’t have any tourniquet-like zones that you sometimes find with tighter-fitting jerseys; graded, textured arm grippers along with a 2cm-wide elastic waist band ensures that it stays in place when you’re jumping in and out of the saddle.

It features laser-cut cuffs that extend naturally to most of the way down the bicep – in that European-aero style – although given my wide shoulders I preferred to have them sat slightly higher around the mid-bicep. I find that placement a little more to my liking anyway, and as an added bonus helps with tan line maintenance too.

"I like that it doesn’t have any tourniquet-like zones that you sometimes find with tighter-fitting jerseys"

The neckline has a nice collar that gives enough space for my wide neck even when fully zipped up (a zip that’s easy to operate with one hand, by the way), and the rearside has three medium-sized pockets that provide ample space for long days in the saddle. The pockets also feature handy cuff-like openings, there to keep contents safely inside the pocket rather than spilling out too much when you’re fully-laden with food and spares.

It’s unfortunate that Pactimo has decided that there’s no space for a zipped security pocket. Arguably, it’s a feature every jersey should have – even if just a convenient slot to store a house key. I use them all the time, so whenever any jersey comes without one it feels like that a box hasn’t been ticked. An easy box, at that.

Pactimo Summit Aero jersey

Nevertheless, that’s my only criticism of substance. I’m not sure that I like the overly fiddly jersey design with the pinstripes on the back that hint towards aero vanes that don’t exist, but that’s simply a matter a personal preference. The fact that I happily ignored this during the testing period only serves to highlight how well it performs – looks aren’t everything.

Throw in the obviously high quality construction, and this is a jersey that really does live up to its £100 price tag in all the important areas.


We’ve seen products from Colorado-based Pactimo hit the heights of the RCUK100 before now, and with the Summit Aero jersey there’s more than enough on show to put it in the reckoning once again.


- Comfortable fit
- Very breathable
- Race/aero cut


- No zipped security pocket