What else would you expect from summer kit born down under? The Pedla Linear LunaAir jersey is as technical as they come, clearly born through extended experience riding hard in warmer climes, and it looks great to boot.

What’s immediately obvious when you pick it up is that it’s right up there with the most technical lightweight jerseys around. Weighing in at a svelte 128g in a medium, it’s an amalgamation of laser-cut fabrics (an 80/20 blend of polyester and elastane) and lightweight mesh sleeves put together to produce a race-cut.

Ventilation comes from the moisture-wicking properties of these technically-advanced fabrics, plus the lasered holes within each tiny segment, which literally leave airspace through which moisture can escape. The mesh fabric on the shoulders turns the dial up to 11, coming together to offer one of the coolest jerseys I’ve ever used.

It’s so cool, in fact, that with the recent downturn in temperatures I’ve been forced to wear a windproof jacket over the top of it to insulate myself from the cooler mid-teen morning temperatures. When I wear the LunaAir jersey on its own, I’m actively displaying my refusal to accept the end of what will surely be recognised as one of the most ‘summery’ summers since records began.

Back when it was regularly 25 degrees or higher, it came into its own in terms of keeping me cool, albeit with the necessity of having to make sure that I put sun cream on my upper arms and shoulders. They might be covered by the mesh fabric, but it’s not enough to present that much resistance to the sun, unlike the body sections.

Pedla Linear LunaAir jersey

The body sections come with an SPF rating of 50+ despite the tiny holes in the fabric pattern, and if you’re wearing a sleeveless base layer then this adds an extra layer anyway.

The jersey features the usual refinements of three decent-sized pockets for storage – no security pocket, though - as well as a reflective tab on the rear right side (ironically, right where I’d like to see a zipped pocket).

"You need to make sure that you put sun cream on your upper arms and shoulders. They might be covered by the mesh sleeves, but it’s not enough to present that much resistance to the sun"

One slight curiosity is the elastic band that runs all the way round the body and hugs the waist, with a silicone gripper to match. Given the very lightweight nature of the fabrics, it’s unsurprising that Pedla might have felt the need to add some extra reinforcement to the construction, but it does give the feeling of being slightly squeezed around the midriff.

The cut is certainly racy and designed for hard riding with minimal spare fabric – it excels in this regard – but it’d be nice to feel completely unrestricted around the stomach area, especially when you’re breathing hard and your diaphragm is shifting up and down like a traction engine.

Pedla Linear LunaAir jersey, pockets

Pedla Linear LunaAir jersey

Price: £115

Sizes: S-XXL

Size tested: Medium

Colours: White 'Linear'

Website: Pedla 

Available in the UK: Sigma Sports

In the upper half, there’s plenty of space for those with wide shoulders, and the flexibility of the fabric is a real bonus. The fabrics are all soft-feeling against the skin, including the mesh sleeves, although Pedla has chosen to fit some of the technical fabric on the inside and under the arms. It’s the opposite to what we’ve generally come to expect from summer-weight jerseys, which usually come with mesh in this area for added breathability, but it’s very comfortable against this area of thin and prone-to-irritation skin.

There’s also no arm gripper either. That’s absolutely fine by me, and the construction is elastic enough to conform to the skin without additional help.

So, it’s supremely breathable and cool, light, comfortably form-fitting, and it looks great too. The design that features a selection of pastel-colour blocks, strafes, lines and dots is busy, definitely, but it manages to stay clean, crisp and stylishly different from most other offerings out there.

Pedla Linear LunaAir jersey

The downside to the bright palette is that you really need to take care of it. You need to avoid things like dirty chain oil like the plague, plus if you can refrain from rubbing your sweaty brow on the sleeves, that’ll help avoid grubby marks penetrating into them. On the plus side, it’s washed out well on the whole (save for a small black mark that I suspect came from a fleck of tar from the road), and can handle gentle resting against abrasive surfaces really well.


Pedla might not be the best-known apparel brand over here in the UK, but the Aussies clearly know what they’re doing when it comes to making a technically-advanced summer jersey, and it stands up to the £115 price tag.


- Lightweight
- Supremely breathable and cool
- Comfortable racy cut
- Stylish design


- Tight waistband
- No security pocket