The Sportful BodyFit Pro Light is one of three jerseys in the Italian firm’s BodyFit Pro line-up. We’ve already tested the Classics and Evo jerseys, so now it’s time to complete the hat-trick. As the name suggests, the BodyFit Pro Light is designed for particularly hot conditions, but this minimalist jersey still gets the basics right when it comes to fit and functionality.

Let’s quickly recap the BodyFit Pro range. The Classics, which we reviewed at the start of May, is a short-sleeve jersey, just like the Evo and Light, but has a lightweight fleece lining to take the edge off cool mornings. As a result, the Classics jersey is the go-to choice for early spring and late autumn. The Evo jersey, reviewed just last week, is the workhorse of the range, ideal for general summer conditions. It still impressively light so breathability is excellent, while the slim, aero cut underlines Sportful’s race heritage.

The Light jersey takes things one step further and is effectively a featherweight version of the Evo. In simple weight terms, the Evo is a claimed 158g, while the Light comes in at 99g, so there’s a decent saving there, if you’re looking to shed weight and keep cool in the heat of high summer.

The BodyFit Pro Light jersey is made from a super-light mesh fabric on the body, so breathability and airflow are both extremely good. Even though the BodyFit Pro Evo jersey is impressively breathable, this is a noticeable step up. If you live in a hot climate, or are planning a cycling holiday or event where the weather is nudging towards 30 degrees, this is an excellent jersey.

Sportful BodyFit Pro Light Jersey

One of the benefits of a jersey like the BodyFit Pro Light is that if the fabric does get damp, the open mesh structure ensures it dries very quickly. To be honest, it’s not only useful in humid weather, but also when it’s warm and damp. If there’s a shower during your ride and you get drenched, the fabric will dry a hell of a lot quicker than a typical polyester. Sure, it’s not the intended application, but it demonstrates the breathability and high-wicking qualities of the fabric.

"The BodyFit Pro Light jersey is made from a super-light mesh fabric, so breathability and airflow are both extremely good"

A stretchier fabric is used across the shoulder, helping to give the jersey its sleek, close-fitting aero cut. Like the BodyFit Pro Evo jersey, the cut and fit are both superb, honed over many years thanks to feedback from Sportful’s sponsored riders. The jersey is cut with racing snakes in mind, but the panels are all shaped and placed to ensure the fabric hugs the body in all the right places, without feeling restrictive, though some riders might need to size up.

Sportful BodyFit Pro Light Jersey

The sleek neckline also sits comfortably, lying low enough to stop the zipper digging in, while the raw-cut sleeves continue the aero theme and, with an absence of grippers, sit in place without pulling on the skin or any hairs. On the back of the jersey, there’s a super-slim, silicone gripper, thinner than that found on the Evo (and typical summer jerseys), in keeping with the minimalist feel of the piece.

You’ll also find three rear pockets. Once again, there’s no zipped pocket. While we were a bit disappointed not to find a valuables stash on the BodyFit Pro Evo jersey, it makes more sense here, given that low weight is the absolute priority.


Sportful’s BodyFit Pro range covers the key bases when it comes to short-sleeve jerseys. If you’re looking for a summer all-rounder, the BodyFit Pro Evo is best suited to the kind of temperatures we generally see in the UK, but if you want an option for hot, humid conditions, the Sportful BodyFit Pro Light jersey will serve you well.


- Super-light fabric
- Slim, aerodynamic cut
- Excellent option for hot, humid conditions


- Less versatile for general UK conditions
- Close cut may not suit everyone