Pedla’s SuperFIT G+ bib shorts are certainly expensive at £180, but there’s lots here to justify the premium price tag. They’re not flawless, but whether you have them in this Linear line-matching navy blue, or plain black for your other-branded jerseys, you’re getting a lot of bib short for your money.

Central to the SuperFIT bib shorts is, unsurprisingly, the fit itself, which has been developed to be as anatomical as possible. The fabric is a premium-grade Italian MITI fabric that feels unlike your usual Lycra/polyester blend, and it’s breathable and cool-feeling against the leg, while managing to feel compressive against the skin at the same time.

The cut of the leg has been developed to encircle the key muscle groups as well as possible, and the fabric is well-suited to the task at hand, giving a firm and even compression throughout the leg.

Compression is generally used to improve blood flow and performance while reducing fatigue and certainly it’s something I’m a fan of (when used properly). While I can’t definitively tell you if the SuperFIT bib shorts are performance-improving or not, I definitely felt well-supported while riding in them.

Pedla SuperFIT G+ bib shorts - review

Pedla SuperFIT G+ bib shorts

Price: £180

Sizes: XS-XL

Size tested: Medium

Colours: Navy blue ‘Linear’, black

Website: Pedla

Available in the UK: Sigma Sports

One thing to bear in mind is the naturally long leg length in combination with the deep textured gripper. It runs right down to the knee when you first put them on, and the gripper is arguably a little too good at holding fast to the skin, making shifting them up a little tough.

It’s not uncomfortable in the way a tacky silicone strip might be, but the tiny textured bobbles do stop the bibs sitting in my preferred position, a little higher up the leg. Often with bib shorts that features a longer leg, I’ll just pull them up a bit higher, but that’s physically difficult to do with the SuperFITs, instead stubbornly positioning maybe a centimetre or two above the knee.

Pedla SuperFIT G+ bib shorts - review

I grew used to this fit over time, and although it hasn’t converted me to full thigh-covering leg lengths, it’s not uncomfortable and I can see the benefit when the leg sections feel like a cocoon around the muscles. It feels almost protective, much like a performance base layer might do for other sports.

Also, if these aren’t your only bib shorts then you’ll want to watch the tan lines – if you’ve cultivated lines high up the leg, you run the risk of blunting them somewhat. Ok, so that might not be the most important thing, but as a collective, we cyclists tend to a be a fairly self-aware bunch, so it’s worth bearing in mind.

"Compression is something I’m a fan of when used properly, but while I can’t definitively tell you if the SuperFIT bib shorts are performance-improving or not, I definitely felt well-supported while riding in them"

The Cytech chamois is something of a standard-bearer for high quality these days, and the comfort this ‘Carbonium’ model offers is excellent. The pad is strategically graded around the key pressure zones, and creases naturally down the middle – almost like it’s created in two halves – to give a nicely even fit to your underside when riding.

One thing that really makes it stand out though, is the extended frontal area. It’s the longest (by some margin) that I’ve ever come across, and offers a little extra shielding at the crotch. Interestingly, it’s not perforated for added breathability or dimpled under the cover – features I generally like to see in a chamois – but I nevertheless found it very comfortable to wear.

Pedla SuperFIT G+ bib shorts - review

The meshed bib section ticks all the right boxes – it’s light and distributes any pressure nicely across the shoulders, while I can’t find any weaknesses in the construction. Seams are well-finished, and while the chamois has an open-foam edge that protrudes the stitching, it’s smoothly finished.

You can have the SuperFIT G+ bib short in this matte-finished navy blue that matches the Linear LunaAir jersey we had on test alongside it (complete with pink dots and two symbols on the rear flanks), or plain black. Personally I’d always opt for black as a default to match more jerseys, but these are very much up there with the Le Col HC bib shorts in terms of performance and whichever you opt for, you’re getting top-spec performance bib shorts for your investment.


If you don’t mind longer leg lengths, Pedla’s SuperFIT G+ bib shorts do a great job of encompassing your muscles so you can get the most out of them, while hitting all the key performance points.


- Premium construction and finish
- Effective compression
- Breathable and cool
- Graded (and long) chamois


- Leg length
- Textured gripper a bit too grippy