Is anyone else a little sick of recovery shakes? While every possible flavour now seems to exist it seems strange the nutrition industry hasn't gone beyond the 'add water and shake' format of recovery fuel. Well what about 'add water and boil' I suppose that's progress.

Something for the Weekend

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Enter nutrition specialists Torq with their recovery pasta meals, while not the usual bike tech we feature in SFTW it caught our eye by offering something a little different to cyclists; and as winter approaches and we roll through the cool morning mist our minds linger on warm meals and even more coffee than usual.

Balancing the optimum amount of carbohydrate with protein is important for effective recovery, and the Torq Snaq meals hit the nail on the head with the 3 to 1 ratio found in many powdered shakes on the market. Each pouch comes loaded with 75 grams of carbs and 25 grams of protein to match, with the whole meal coming in at a healthy 414 calories and just 2 grams of fat.

Whether opting for the smoky tomato flavour (we test taste it in the video above) or the field mushroom option, the pasta meals represent a refreshingly different and savoury recovery solution that's tailored to athletic performance.

Something worth mentioning is the cook time, it's commonly referenced by nutrition experts that specific recovery food and drink is most effective when consumed immediately following exercise, this readiness is part of the reason why the industry has no doubt settled on shakes.

The 12-14 minute cook time on the hob could potentially have an impact on the effectiveness of the recovery following exercise, although you may have a very kind individual willing to prepare the meal in readiness for your return from battling the elements on two wheels. Alternatively the meals can be prepared in the microwave in around half the time 

With natural ingredients, no preservatives and no colours these meals are certainly a cut above your average dried pasta, we'll be looking forward to digging in during the inevitable freeze ahead.

Launched in April and available now, for more information head to the Torq website