The Ibera Fine Tune Dual Function Bottle Cage offers two novel functionalities: firstly, it has a tilt loading function that allows the use of a water bottle even on very compact frames that do not have space above the cage for easy bottle installation. On a frame without enough top clearance, simply rotate the cage around the pivot at the top to install or remove a bottle from either side of the bike.

Secondly, the bottle holding arms are width-adjustable, allowing a range of vessels including small mineral water bottles to be carried securely. The Fine Tune cage works with standard bicycle bottles. It is made of durable nylon & heat-treated aluminium, is installed the same way as a conventional cage and is maintenance free.

  • Tilt loading for easy access on compact frames
  • Width-adjustable for small or standard bottles
  • Width adjustment: 63 – 73 mm - Heat-treated aluminium
  • Durable nylon
  • Weight: 78g
  • Recommended Retail Price: €8.00