A new stainless steel tubeset has been launched by tubing specialists Reynolds, following testing in the UK with Ted James Design.

The new 921 tubeset complements the brand’s premium stainless steels - the flagship 953 and the heat-treated 931, and Reynolds are taking orders now with deliveries expected early next year.

Composed of 21 per cent chromium, six per cent nickel and nine per cent manganese – used more commonly in aviation as ‘21-6-9’, the 921 was used by Ted James to build the first UK-made road frame of its kind, which passed the EN14781 frame fatigue test.

And James, in conversation with Phil Taylor, of Bespoked, believes the new material will become a hit with his fellow frame-builders.

“It’s very exciting to work on this new project and it’s a very exciting material to have worked with," he said.

“This material would be suited for a range of different bikes but, for me, it seems especially sutiable for 29ers or BMX. It would be a great tubeset for touring bikes where you want durability. It’s lightweight but still reasonably strong, and it’s stainless.

“It seemed very interesting to work with. It’s an amazingly springy material. I’m quite excited to see how the bike rides with this tubing."

Reynolds believe the 921 is the highest strength cold-worked tube set available in the bike industry, and is suitable for use in lugged and TIG-welded frames to create frames for road, BMX, ‘cross, hybrid and mountain bike design.

For more information on next year’s Bespoked, which will be held at Lee Valley VeloPark, London, visit: http://www.bespoked.cc/