Those familiar with the stunning photos in 'Rouleur', the now six editions old publication that gloriously depicts the beauty and emotion of road racing, will welcome the release of the 250-page Rouleur Annual.

The thick pages of the Annual are adorned with a unique collection of superb photography that delves underneath the skin of the sport. Bringing it to publication has been a year-long project involving six photographers - Geoff Waugh, Camille J McMillan, Timm Kolln, Ben Ingham, Gerard Brown and Olaf Unverzart - who have a real gift for taking a photo. Combined with the unique vision of Rouleur’s editor, Guy Andrews, their talent goes to create an unrivalled addition to any cyclist's book shelves or coffee table.

"This book is a collection of the stories that we think represent the pinnacle of cycling-based reportage from this year," says Andrews. “Cycling is not a stadium sport; it is a part of daily life. Just like any bike ride, a big race is a journey, and that journey is full of beautiful places and memorable experiences. These pictures are a reflection of those experiences and everything that goes alongside it."

300 first edition copies, signed by the photographers, are available but are selling fast. They can be ordered at Even better, visit the Rouleur Photography Exhibition at London's Host Gallery, where you can buy a copy for £40.

The exhibition samples 40 of the finest photos from the Annual, plus there’s the chance to see all the latest Rapha clothing ready for the winter. And you could even combine your visit with the Rapha night ride to Brighton this Friday evening. There will also be a second edition available which will be unsigned and has a different dust jacket. The content is exactly the same. These will be on sale from the 31st October. Reserve a copy to avoid disappointment. Cost £35.

Buy it now from

It’s a satisfying page-turner and one that you’ll be dipping into time and time again. Better still, it's going to be an annual, not a one-off.