Scicon Phantom 230 Saddle Bag - £19.99

Scicon is a name long associated with luggage, its rugged bike carriers in particular being a familiar sight at airports. But the company also produces a range of saddle bags for smaller luggage concerns, and here tested is the very smallest one it offers.

The Phantom 230 is so called because of its diminutive size, and its 230cc volume. Tiny it is, but there’s space inside for an innertube, tyre lever, some patches and, um, not a less else. If you want to carry more beneath your saddle, Scicon produces a larger version of the 230, but for those only interested in carrying the essentials, it's perfectly formed.

So it's small, but it's also mighty. Made from Cordura Dupont material with carbon fibre effect side panels, and a sturdy zip opening, it's a rugged little bag that does well keeping crud out. The long zip puller has the advantage of being easy to grab in the thick of the winter with large gloves on.

There’s more than a few ways to attach a saddle bag to a bicycle, but Scicon's Roller System must rate as amongst the best available. It's certainly one of the simplest. There’s no tools needed, instead a large knurled plastic nut affixes the mount to the rails, and the pack simply slots on and twists into place. It’s a reliable system that hasn’t given any cause for concern.


Small and perfectly built saddle bag for carrying essentials

performance 9
value 8
overall 8