Watch live TV anywhere in the world with Slingbox

Slingbox allows you to watch live television such as the current Tour de France anywhere in the world on any electronic device, so you no longer have to stay seated on your sofa if you want to catch all the latest race action.

Slingbox brings the living room TV experience out of the living room, providing cycling enthusiasts access to live coverage of all the 21 stages of the Tour De France on their computer, laptop or mobile phone while stuck at work or busy travelling.

The Slingbox works by connecting to your home broadband and TV source, and providing access to this content via the internet on a compatible laptop or mobile phone, turning them into a portable TV.

You can even control what you are viewing; the Slingbox will allow you to remotely change channels, pause live coverage or even record ‘a record-breaking time-trial’ - ensuring you have access to all the great action.

Once you buy a Slingbox, that's it. You won’t have to pay for anything else to be able to watch your TV - and all its programmes - wherever you like.