New Zealand-based Solo tapped into a niche market when it launched several years ago, with retro inspired cycling jerseys made from modern materials.

Solo’s Equipe range is an interpretation of the styles worn by the great riders of the 50s to 70s, and expands with the release of the Maxwell. The decision to design this jersey was decided after votes cast by Solo fans around the world settled on the UK as the basis for this latest jersey.

The Maxwell jersey then is homage to the great frame builders that the UK was once renowned for, with ornate lug work and immaculate craftsmanship. As Solo says: “English [sic] cycling makes me think of all those quintessentially English forms of cycling: club time trials, hill climbing competitions etc."

The Maxwell jersey retails for £63, available direct through the website or by visiting Mosquito Bikes in London or heading to

The Equipe jersey, tested previously here, has been updated with a new white colour option. White may not seem the most practical of choices for a long sleeve jersey designed for cold weather riding, when the roads are typically covered in filth, but as Paul at Solo says “…I've been testing it all winter – i.e. getting it covered in road grime etc and it washes out beautifully."

While bringing out the new colour, Solo has updated all Equipe jerseys with double thickness folded knitting on the cuffs and collar and an improved Mapp Matrix merino fabric that’s machine washable.