you can look but you'd better not touch...

The long awaited launch of SRAM road product has taken a considerable step forward as SRAM introduces two new componentry groups in 2006 and sponsorship of two US based professional teams, the company has also committed to a SRAM Neutral Race Support program through to 2007. The agreement puts five SRAM decaled 2006 Volvo XC70’s on the road, providing neutral mechanical support, at more than 80 events across the U.S.A.

SRAM’s Global Marketing Manager, David Zimberoff, called the program' “Simply furthering our commitment to the road segment."

Program Manager Butch Balzano expects to travel nearly 250,000 miles in the coming year and oversee as many as 15 technicians:

“SRAM is excited about the road and is demonstrating that through their strong support of this program as well as producing some of the most exciting componentry we have seen in ten or fifteen years."

The SRAM calendar will include the Sea Otter Classic, the Pan Mass Challenge, the International Cycling Classic, and the Fitchburg Longsjo Classic. Balzano added:

“We enjoy working with every type of road event and, no matter where we are, it’s really just about supporting riders."

Other sponsors of the program include Volvo cars of North America, Colnago frames, Thule rack systems, and Michelin tyres. SRAM’s NRS will work synchronously with other neutral support programs and when asked, Mavic’s Director of Sales and Marketing Chris Zigmont said:

“This program is complimentary to what we do and we’re excited to see another road program supporting cycling at core events."

All well and good in the US then, as for Europe we'll keep you posted.