Perfect for small spaces and hallways

A constant problem in my house is bicycles all over the place and lovely though bikes are, they do tend to take up a fair bit of room. Bars getting caught in shopping bags and coats and marks on the wall from dirty grips and tape. If you're lucky enough to have a garage or shed you're laughing, but plenty of people have to find somewhere else to stash them. These stylish racks were launched at Interbike last year and now someone's bringing them into the UK.

Now has stepped up to do that very thing. There's a range of designs - choose from horizontal or vertical storage, one or two bikes, folding, freestanding and a bunch of other choices. You can also get rather neat nylon wheel cradles to keep tyre marks off your walls, which is nice. They all look great, certainly streets ahead of hardware-store plastic-covered hooks, and the prices are pretty reasonable too.

Our off-road 'brother' site has already tested the Michaelangelo rack and we'd wanted to try a couple in the office. Sadly, however, they've already sold out.

We have a Monet in to test and can report that the finish and quality of build is excellent. So I may now be able to keep my pride and joy hanging over the fireplace/desk and I can stare at it instead of the TV/computer screen.

So if you're stuck for space, or just like things tidy, try hanging your bikes up in style on a rack, hook or multi-stand from The Art of Storage