New Torq Gels were released at the London Cycle Show

Torq continues to expand its range of unusually-palatable energy products with the release of four gels.

As we’ve come to expect from Torq the flavours certainly sound appealing, and for a world first it's released two yoghurt flavours, Strawberry and Black Cherry. We tested these on the RCUK taste buds at the London Cycle Show last week and we have to say we were very impressed by how yummy they were (no more wincing when you force another gel down).

Don't worry if you’re not a fan of yoghurt, Orange/Banana and Forest Fruits are available. The last one contains enough guarana to pack 89mg of caffeine per gel sachet, more than other gels currently available (and more than a certain drink that gives you wings…).

The gels are made from a 2:1 Maltodextrin/Fructose mix, which independent, peer-reviewed research indicates delivers up to 40% more carbohydrate per hour to the working muscles than other formulations. And all the gels are dairy free. We've got some to test and will report back soon.

The Strawberry Yoghurt, Black Cherry Yoghurt and Orange/Banana gels cost £1.25 each, with the Forest Fruits gel costing £1.50. Boxes of 20 are available from £23, with a choice of combinations available.