Plenty of info on the label
Shaped base has lip along edge to grip rim

Tufo’s tubular tyre concept, which does way with an inner tube thanks to an all-in-one moulding process that creates a seam-free tyre capable of taking immense pressure, has been around long enough to be well-proven, as has the complementary tubular clincher concept. This involves the attachment of a shaped base to the tub that grips the hooks of a clincher wheel rim firmly enough to allow the tyre to be ridden when flat.

One of the latest ‘tubular clincher’ models is the C Elite Ride, which comes in a useful 25mm section that RCUK felt would be suitable for Juan Christen’s 66cm Cannondale CAAD. Fitment, which the writer had found a little awkward in the past, proved quick and easy using the technique detailed on the in-pack bumph. If anything, it is easier than fitting the average clincher.

Good-looking tyre or what?

We fitted Sludge tyre sealant in place of Tufo’s own. Repair is otherwise impossible, so owners would do well to carry some sort of back up on a longer ride. However, we can state with certainty that the Tufo sealant does work on tiny punctures, so anything other than a major cut should not bring and end to the tyre’s life.

Price is £45 for the tubular clincher and £47.50 for the equivalent tub-only C Elite Ride 25mm, which weighs 290g instead of the tub clincher’s 355g.

Initial impressions of tyres inflated to 115/120psi front rear (on account of rider weight) are of a fast-rolling and sure-footed boot that belies its width. Full ride report to follow on RCUK.