Fold out handle locks and loads
Multiple length lock feature

A novel and devilishly cunning handle arrangement allows the new PMP5 Dial Adjust frame fitting pump from Park Tools to fit almost any diamond frame in seconds.

The handle, which extends sideways to provide an ergonomically efficient grip for powerful pumping, features a slot down one side with a series of angled indents alternately spaced either side. Each is able to engage with a 'V' shaped lug on the pump body, locking the handle and, therefore, the pump as a whole at a specific length.

The chuck end of the pump is spring loaded, allowing the pump to be installed securely on the frame once the basic length has been locked.

The PMP5 can be used at any length from 17" to 22", features an aluminium barrel for durability and is rated to 160psi. Suggested Retail Price is £19.99.