Velo Pro saddle £27.95

Described as having a ‘classic minimalist look’ by distributor Sonic Cycles, Velo’s Pro saddle is one of those seats that is easily overlooked in favour of flashier designs from better-known companies. However, Velo saddles are made by Prologo, one of the biggest saddle manufacturers there is, and it shows in both the quality of construction and the comfort the Pro offers.

Let’s start with the weight, which is a ball-park and verified 240g thanks to titanium rails. The shell sports something called Arc-Tech suspension, which would appear to be some kind of deformable shape in the moulding.

The upper has a perforated main panel with a perimeter section in a tougher material that acts as a scuff guard. A large ‘O-Zone’ cutaway is provided to relieve pressure in the perineal area. The plan shape is somewhat deltoid, with a less-than-pronounced curve along the flanks.

This last feature prompted the suspicion that comfort might be compromised for the rider with heftier thighs; not so. Fitted to the editor’s lo-pro time trial machine, the Velo Pro was an immediate success. Putting pressure on the nether regions, time trialling is exactly the application to find out whether the cutaway works, and it does. Ample padding keeps the sit bones happy while the suspension system appears to take any remaining sting out of the equation. Best of all, that deltoid upper fits beautifully and may even help with maintaining placement on the saddle. And it looks just fine.


Comfortable, lightweight, good looking and affordable saddle

performance 9
value 10
overall 9