Wheeltags are (possibly) the latest must-have accessory in customising your bike. With the rising popularity of deep section carbon rims, Wheeltags offer riders the chance to add a dash of personality to one’s steed, with unique designs, colours, sponsors logos, whatever takes your fancy.

The company is the brainchild of three avid cyclists, Kevin Koval, Matt Tanner and Jenn Vona created Wheeltags with an "eye on today’s bicycling industry and the thrust of customisation and personalisation into commercial markets."

As the website says: “Wheeltags was inspired by the evolving, democratic art form of graffiti and the artists’ stylized signatures. With vibrant imagery, urban artists separate themselves from the city masses by offering fresh and engaging perspectives on individuality, character and personal style. Their creative endeavors beg us to question our own ideals amid the grim, gray cityscapes, to find our own voice among many and to celebrate our own passions and opinions."

A number of daring designs are currently available, such as the Slipstream inspired Argyle pattern. Decals can either half or the entire rim, and for 38mm, 50mm and disc wheels. As well as choosing from the off-the-shelf options, you’re invited to invoke your imagination and design your own custom Wheeltags.