Say goodbye to PDF print outs of four-week training blocks and the setting of daily reminders in your calendar. Zwift has announced a new feature that will help take your training up a notch this summer.

The virtual indoor training platform has just launched Zwift Training Plans – a comprehensive set of workouts designed by professional coaches from WorldTour teams.

Each plan has a different goal at its core – be it preparing for a sportive like the Prudential RideLondon 100 or just improving your fitness – and varies in duration and intensity depending on the user’s availability.

Available plans

Prudential RideLondon 100
60km Fondo
FTP Builder
Active Offseason
100km Gran Fondo
Crit Crusher
Build Me Up
TT Tune Up
Gravel Grinder

“We’re thrilled to roll out the next phase in flexible online training with our new training plans,” said Eric Min, Zwift co-founder and CEO. “These plans are expertly developed, to allow you to reach your goals while remaining flexible enough to adapt to real world time constraints. Sometimes life simply does get in the way! Like all Zwift experiences, our training plans are designed to bring more enjoyment to your training.”

Min’s emphasis on the new feature’s flexibility appears to ring true when it comes to the training plans themselves. After selecting the relevant plan, users are given weekly blocks in which they have to complete a set number of individual workouts. If a session is skipped, a virtual Dave Brailsford doesn’t turn up at your house to give you a kick up the backside – instead, the remaining slots are adapted to compensate for the missed workout to make sure you get the most out of your time on the trainer.

Zwift claims that, by making the missed session unavailable, users will then avoid the negative impact of over-training. The same is also true after a grueling workout, with the next session not made available until your legs have been given time to rest.

Zwift Training Plan

The Zwift app also takes on additional functions when a training plans is activated. Push notifications will let users know when new workouts are available to complete, while in workout mode the app allows users to control erg mode (where the smart trainer automatically sets the resistance) and adjust FTP bias. The app also displays metrics such as current watts, heart rate, cadence and any upcoming interval blocks.

Current Zwift users will see the training plans in the Workouts section from today, prior to starting a session. There are currently nine cycling plans available, with more to be added in the summer.