1. Tools for the job
3. Use a 17mm spanner and a 15mm cone spanner

SHIMANO REAR HUB SERVICING Stripping and replacing a cassette body 1 — 1. Tools for the job The tools required for stripping and servicing hubs as follows: Cone spanners (Shimano rear hub has 15mm cone, however these can vary in size) Torque wrench 17mm open ended spanner 10mm Allen key Grease Axle vice and bench mounted vice wheel tools.jpg


2 — Use an axle vice for holding the hub securely and safely Wheel_in_vice.jpg

3 — Hold the cone with a cone spanner and release the lockring with a 17mm spanner. Remove the cone, spacers and (very carefully) the axle. cone_adjust1.jpg

4 — Leave the drive side cone assembly complete on the axle, this will simplify re-assembly. This also shows the bearings at the edge of the cassette body, the races on the drive and non-drive sides are spaced as far apart as possible for strength. drivesidebeargs.jpg = 250x188

5 — Clean the inside of the bearing surfaces and inspect for damage. Pitting to the bearing surfaces and cones will require replacement of either the cones or the hub assembly cleanbearings.jpg 250x188

6 — Once the hub is cleaned the cassette body can be removed with a 10mm Allen key, this is usually factory fitted and tight so use an appropriate Allen key (i.e. a long one) undo_cassette_body.jpg 250x187

7 — The cassette body can be replaced if necessary, set the torque wrench to 34.3—49 Nm and tighten the bolt. Cassette bodies can be soaked in release agent (parrafin/diesel fuel) overnight to rejuvenate the internals, this will not cure long term problems but shifts the muck from the mechanism. torquecassettebody.jpg 250x255

8 — Grease and reset the bearings into the hub, 9 x 1/4" bearings are required. It is impossible to detect damage to the surface so new ones should be used to ensure smooth running. greasedbearings.jpg 250x188

REASSEMBLY... Restore all the bearings into the hub bearing faces. Insert the axle from the drive side (reverse of step 4) finger tighten the cone onto the axle so the bearings run smoothly and freely. Then fit any washesr and spacers. Tighten the locknut onto the stack. then cone_adjust1.jpg