Valentine’s Day offers the perfect chance to show the two-wheeled love of your life (or loves, we’re not judging) just how much you care.

After sticking by you through the depths of winter, and with a long summer (we hope!) to look forward to together, it’s time to give a little back and what better day than February 14?

Show your two-wheeled companion some TLC, draw it a bath, dress it up, shower it with gifts and take it out for an evening - just the two of you, together.

Here’s how to show some love to your bike this Valentine’s Day.

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Give it some TLC

Creaks, squeaks, rattles – or just something not feeling quite right? Now’s the chance to give your bike some TLC and take a look at those little niggles you’ve been putting off.

The consequences of a loose stem bolt could be catastrophic. A quick tighten can easily be incorporated in a routine of pre-ride checks

From the headset and handlebar, to the shifters, cables and derailleur, via the bottom bracket and wheels, - there are plenty of areas that could be causing that creak you've been meaning to fix over winter.

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And even if you’re A-OK, it’s always worth giving your bike the once-over in these key areas every once in a while. Show your bike you care and keep everything running smoothly.

Draw it a bath

We’re still a way out from the (occasional) delights of summer, and with so much grit, salt and detritus on the roads in winter, it’s important to keep your bike washed and well-lubed.

Your bike is subject to a lot of abuse through winter so clean it regularly

Still, it's easy to fall into bad habits and let your bike go unwashed, so use Valentine’s Day to bring your beloved steed back up to tip-top condition with a thorough clean and re-lube.

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Check out this video on how to wash your bike like a pro for some top tips, and read our expert advice on which chain lube to use.

Dress it up

If you’re planning to spend some Valentine’s Day time with your beloved, why not get it dressed up for the occasion too?

Patrick Gretsch's Focus Izalco Chrono received a new wrap of bar tape

The smallest changes can make a big difference, and that certainly rings true when it comes to a fresh wrap of handlebar tape. It's amazing how a fresh roll of tape can make you feel so much fonder about your bike.

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Good tape is comfortable, grippy, durable and makes holding the bars for hours on end just that little but more enjoyable. Here are six of our favourite handlebar tapes.

Buy it a gift

Had your eye on an upgrade for quite some time? Now’s the chance to treat your bike (and, let’s face it, yourself) to some shiny new kit.

Upgrades, Bike, cover

Yes, we know what the great Eddy Merckx once said - ride up grades don’t buy upgrades - but it’s hard to resist some trick kit, especially if you know it will improve your ride.

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It can boost your motivation, too, knowing you’ve got a new set of wheels, an upgraded chainset or a fresh set of fast tyres ready to go. So go on, what are you waiting for?

Take it out for the evening

All of the above is all well and good, of course, but what do you have a bike for if not to ride it? Valentine’s Day (and every day, for that matter) is for you to hit the road, just you and your beloved bike. Enjoy some well-deserved time together.

Altura's NightVision range places an emphasis on subtle reflectivity

If you’ve been struggling to get out much over winter, then all the more reason to saddle up and hit the road once more - there’s no better feeling than the wind on your face again.

And, if nothing else, it's easier and cheaper than trying to book a table for two at a restaurant tonight...