The new RCUK events system has just gone live and we hope that it will soon be your one-stop shop when looking the best places to ride and race throughout the year.

There's two sides to the system. If you're a potential participant, you can search for events by location, type, distance and all sorts of other things. Once you've found a suitable event you'll be able to find full details, prices and anything else that the organisers have seen fit to include. If an organiser has added their entry form to the site you'll be able to download that too.

You can bookmark any event you're interested in entering to come back to later and you can do the usual forum discussions around events, and even rate them once you've taken part.

At the moment there are nearly 3,000 events in there for 2005 from the BC, RTTC, Surrey League and others, and many more in the pipeline.

Are you an organiser? Well the new system is designed to let event organisers or promoters add details of events themselves. If you're running an event, hit the "Add an event" tab and follow the instructions. It's relatively quick and (we hope) easy, and a great way to reach thousands of event-hungry cyclists. Plus, once you've added one event you can use that as a template to add others, so you don't have to keep adding your contact details etc. Go here if you are an event organiser and you want to know more.

There's nearly 3,000 events in there at the moment with more being added all the time.

So get your diary out and head for the calendar .