Once more London Dynamo host their Beginners Series on Feb 25th & March 4th.

• Both Saturdays races will be held at MOD Chertsey Surrey.

• 4/3W/4W beginners race at 10:00 and a E/1/2/3 handicap race on at 11:30 on each day.

• Both races will be Regional C+ and will carry points down to 10th place

• The beginners races are open to all novices/blank license holders and 4th cat riders who scored less than 6 points in last years season.

Chertsey MOD is a closed circuit free from traffic & demanding enough to make it worthwhile. As a beginner you will get the chance to race in a friendly atmosphere. As Martin Garratt of London Dynamo says; "it's the Ideal chance to get your toe in the water if you've not raced before."

The 11.30am races are open to all comers. (Men & women) Everyone welcome!

London Dynamo website - www.londondynamo.co.uk

Surrey League website - www.surreyleague.co.uk

Women's racing

Looking for a challenge this spring? Why not have a go at a race or if you haven’t quite started your winter training yet, think about setting yourself a goal for the end of the summer. The WCRA (Women’s Cycle Racing Association) has a full listing of women’s races on their website , here’s a taste of what’s happening in March and April.


25th WCRA/Team MK Handicap Criterium Series (race 1) Milton Keynes Bowl

25th CTT Time Trial Series (race 1) Venue tbc, scheduled for SE England


1st WCRA/Team MK Handicap Criterium Series (race 2) Milton Keynes Bowl

8th WCRA/Team MK Handicap Criterium Series (race 3) Milton Keynes Bowl

8th CTT Time Trial Series (race 2) Wales

23rd Cheshire Classic (Bruton Series) Cheshire

23rd CTT Time Trial Series (race 3) North Midlands

29th ECCA Festival Eastway

30th April -1 May 2 Days of Bedford (Team Series) Bedford

It’s not too late to plan your race season, or if you’re new to road racing then how about having a go at a handicap race or timetrial so you can compare your fitness and work on improving your speed. Road racing newcomers may enjoy trying a Handicap race where riders race in groups of similar ability and the length of the race varies with each group, the more experienced riders set off later and aim to catch the more novice riders and finish at around the same time. These type of races give everyone a good race and the courses are often on closed circuits which offer a safe place to learn the ropes and tactics of road racing without having to worry about traffic. We'll be running an article on these type of races next week, so keep your eyes peeled.

Whatever level you're at, racing is the fasted way to make progress and you'll be surprised how quicly your bike handling improves too. Best of all you get something to train and work towards and meet some great like-mided people, so what's your goal going to be this year?

LINKS: www.wcra.org.uk