They may not have surfaced again since their feat at the weekend, but it seems the RCUK members taking on the Etape du Tour have very good reason to be in recovery. All seven riders finished the challenging Etape, and all with times to be proud of.

Blazing the RCUK trail was Adrian Davies, who, on his second Etape finished in 586th place with a time of eight hours, twenty-four minutes and eighteen seconds. Fantastic. Only twenty-four minutes behind him was Keir O'Donnell, with eight hours, forty-eight minutes and forty-five seconds, and in 1084th place. also coming in under 10 hours were James Hampshire (09h 03' 48'') and Maurice Burton of De Ver Cycles (09h 45' 41'').

The full listing for RCUK members is as follows (see associated article below for profiles):

Adrian Davies: 08h 24' 18''

Keir O'Donnell: 08h 48' 45''

James Hampshire: 09h 03' 48''

Maurice Burton: 09h 45' 41''

Paul Howard: 10h 47' 31''

Sean Dukes: 11h 16' 07''

Jonnie Woodall: 11h 35' 11''

Congratulations to one and all on great performances. We're looking forward to hearing your personal stories of endurance once you've got your breath back.