On August 5 Herne Hill Velodrome in South East London will re-open. After much legal wrangling, British Cycling and the owners of the land the track is built on, The Dulwich Estate, have agreed to open the track to cyclists again, for a three year period. It seems this might be a temporary re-opening, but we'll bring you more information when we get it.

herne hill

John Hawkridge from British Cycling, said:

'From all those cyclists in the area who have ridden or have wanted to ride, or helped, coached or promoted at Herne Hill, we give our sincere thanks to John Major, Richard Barrett and their Team at The Dulwich Estate and to Peter King, Ian Drake, Dave Cockram and their Team from British Cycling for achieving this agreement which means so much to the future of competitive cycling in this most highly populated area of the country.

We are absolutely sure that their confidence in the future of Herne Hill will be fully realised in the success of the athletes who have, or will, learn their track craft at this Velodrome and who will go on to bring success at the Olympics both at Beijing and London. This marks the start of a new beginning for the Velodrome and all those who have given so much to Herne Hill over so many years and gives us a wonderful launch pad for a new generation of cyclists'.

The formal opening is August 5, and a big day is planned to celebrate, with many of Britains current and future stars on hand to show their support. If you want to pop along and show your support, the gates will be open from 1pm until 3pm.

Visit the Herne Hill website for more information.