prendas comfortec

prendas comfortec

Prendas Ciclismo Comfortec short-sleeve undervest £15.00

The undervest is a vital component in any cyclist’s attire, adding as it does a layer of insulation to that offered by the jersey proper. Even in hot weather this is valuable, since some cooling moisture is always retained in even the most effective of wicking fabrics, while on days where the temperature alternates between hot and cold an undervest can make the difference between comfort and, er, being a bit cold.

It also helps protect the rider in the event of a crash by allowing the jersey to slide over it on contact with the ground, thereby reducing potential abrasion. All told, then, a humble but critical part of performance cycling, and one that often costs accordingly. Not so the Prendas Comfortec undervest, which is yours for £15.00. The fabric, while not what you’d call stretchy or tight-fitting, wicks effectively and is comfortable against the skin. Personally, I always prefer white for an undervest, but white is an option so no probs there…

Available in sizes xxs to xxl, in black or white.


Effective and inexpensive