Four Rhyl CC cyclists were killed on Sunday morning after their club run was hit by a car on the A547, close to the town of Abergele in North Wales.

Ice is said to be the suspected cause of the car loosing control and ploughing broadside into the group. The four victims have been named as Maurice Broadbent, 61, Dave Horrocks, 49, Wayne Wilkes, 42, and Thomas Harland, 14.

RCUK sends our thoughts to all those involved.

British Cycling President Brian Cookson said on the BC website: "This is a terrible tragedy, the worst single incident involving cyclists that I can recall in Great Britain over at least the last forty years. I knew Maurice Broadbent well, as a competitor and as a hard-working official, and recognise many of the names of those killed or injured. This is a huge shock for all of us in the cycling community - at times like this words seem simply inadequate.

No doubt there will be an inquest and the circumstances of this tragedy will be properly examined, so it would not be appropriate for me to comment on the apparent cause of the accident at this stage, but it seems so awful and unfair a thing to happen to a group of cyclists innocently enjoying themselves on an ordinary clubrun.

On behalf of British Cycling, I offer my deepest condolences to the family, friends and clubmates of everyone affected by this awful event".

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