A chicken, for some reason

Well done to our two main prize winners, you'll get a Cateye computer if you e-mail Dave your address.

First up is Tom's entry. Not really sure why he has dressed up as a chicken. But it raised a chuckle in the RCUK office.

The other winner is Wayne Holton, we all know that nothing is as style-less as a crash, as he explains:

"It all started so well, dab the rear brake to scrub speed, weight on the outside leg and lean in through the corner... Didn't take into account the not quite so quick drying road surface in these photos of me in the 2003 British TT Champs. It also just happened to be the corner where Larry Hickmott BCF Photographer had decided to stand! Suffice to say I have learnt to corner slightly better since!"

Looking good so far oops oh dear
that's gotta hurt put me back on my bike... A round of applause for Wayne!