A Brush with Luxury

Here it is... the brush eco-aware cyclists have been waiting for. It comes from Green Oil, pureveyors of ecologically friendly stuff such as, er, oil and grease.

The brush is every bit as sustainably kind to the environment, being manufactured "using real wood and plant-based technology instead of petrochemical plastic." What that means in practice is a wooden handle (from the rubber tree) of one piece with the brush body, which houses "plant-based" bristles that soften when soaked in water but which apparently go back to their original shape when dry.

That feature notwithstanding, they are "ultra-long" to get into hard-to-reach areas and are soft enough to be used on anodised and other vulnerable finishes. The handle has a pointed tip or "cog spoke" intended for use on mud-encrusted derailleur - er - "cogs" and boasts a hole for ease of hanging on the workshop wall, presumably for drying out the bristles.

The brush head's dimensions are calculated specifically to handle the width of wider mtb tyres without compromising on the critical ability to get in between spokes for a good scrubbing...

It is, for sure, "the luxury Bike Brush that cyclists deserve". And indeed a fine thing to have hanging on the wall once cleaning is done - and dusted.

Green Oil Bicycle Brush £9.99