dhb Earnley 3/4 bib shorts £28.37

RCUK are fans of 3/4 shorts (aka bib knicks). They’re ideal for days where it’s either two cold for shorts nor cold enough for full length tights, offering increased versatility to your outfit options and being noticeably more comfortable than tights.

dhb’s Earnley 3/4’s are the most affordable on offer from online retailer wiggle, and manage to mask their incredibly low price tag with some impressive performance out on the road. Firstly, comfort from the Coolmax-lined Silver Dry chamois is fantastic and, like other dhb shorts tested, gives rise to the notion that you don’t need to spend a huge amount for guaranteed comfort.

It doesn't stop there. They’re well designed too, with a good fit and there’s plenty of material to cover the upper-part of the calf muscle. The front of the bibs rise a useful amount at the front, and while making pee stops a little more awkward, does mean extra midriff protection to the elements.

The linelTEX lycra is a lot thinner than that used on the Merston’s, which limits their use strictly to those days when the temperature is in double figures, something worth bearing in mind. All the main seams are flat-stitched, and there’s a mesh back panel for reduced sweat buildup.


Unless you’re really on a budget, we’d recommend paying the extra £6.85 and plumping for the Merston 3/4’s – they’re just that little bit nicer.

performance 7
value 8
overall 8