Over the last week or so, East Midlands International CiCLE Classic organiser Colin Clews has had a number of enquiries from individual riders and groups of two to three riders or more, asking if they are still able to enter the Classic. There is obviously some confusion in peoples' minds regarding this issue.

The situation is that the race is open to ALL Elite, Ist or 2nd Category domestic licence holders, irrespective of whether they are members of teams or otherwise.

UCI regulations, however, require that international events are contested by TEAMS and therefore, to comply with this regulation and to remain within the rules, Colin will group any individual or smaller team entries into MIXED teams of six riders. This does not, however, affect the normal entry systems for any race held in this country or the clothing that any such riders wear during the event. Therefore, anyone wishing to enter the evnt should do so, and Colin will do the rest.

With 200 riders being accepted for this year's race, and 180 authorised to start the event on Sunday 27th April, there should be room for everyone who wants to ride.

Anyone with entry enquries may contact Colin by email at colin.l.clews@btinternet.com

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