After a bad crash in Gent-Wevelgem race in Belgium He crashed into a pole after swerving to avoid a spectator in yesterday's . finishing Paris-Roubaix back on April 10 with a broken thumb, Roger Hammond finished outside the time limit and was therefore unclassified. Then to make matters worse, he found out later he had damaged this thumb even further. He was sadly involved in the same crash that took down Peter Van Petegem,

Speaking to, Hammond said "everything then shut down" after that point. "I could hardly ride my bike. I went from being in the front and feeling strong to suffering more and more, it was painful. Two or three sectors later, I had to ride with one hand in the zones, with just my fingers," he said. "In hindsight, I probably should have stopped, but I didn't want to climb off. I was hoping something would get better but I did think it was pretty ridiculous, what I was doing."

Hammond added that while his thumb is now healing properly, damage to the tendons and ligaments are causing him pain. "The pain is a lot less but I still have some problems, even holding a coffee cup."

Despite the injury, Hammond said he is still on the program that was set up for him at the beginning of the year. Next up will be the Tour of Catalunya in 12 days, followed by the three-race Wachovia Series in the U.S. [May 31 in Trenton, NJ, June 2 in Lancaster, PA, and June 5 in Philadelphia] and the Tour of Switzerland [June 11-19].