British Cycling's CEO, Peter King, has been awarded the prestigious Bidlake Memorial Plaque. The FT Bidlake Memorial Trust is an independent body which meets on an annual basis to decide on the latest recipient of the Plaque, which was first awarded in 1934. They award the prize for the most outstanding performance or contribution to the betterment of cycling in all spheres. Peter joins an impressive roll of honour, with previous recipients including Beryl Burton (1959, 1960, 1967), Chris Boardman (1992) and Nicole Cooke (2001).

Graham Thompson, Secretary of the FT Bidlake Memorial Trust announced the award and, in the official citation, wrote that Peter had received it "for his management and leadership in reviving the fortunes of British Cycling over the past decade."

The official presentation of the plaque is expected to take place at British Cycling's Annual Awards dinner next month.

Commenting on the award, Peter said: "I am extremely honoured to have accepted this prestigious award and humbled at the prospect of my name being added to the illustrious list of previous recipients. There is no greater honour than to gain recognition from your peers and this award ranks at the very top in the world of cycling. I see it as an acknowledgement of the success that has been achieved by the hard work and commitment of the team I have been fortunate to lead since 1997 and of the boundless enthusiasm and energy of the many volunteers throughout the country who have given their time to support the staff and deliver a bigger, better sport to their fellow members. As I have often said, it has been, and continues to be, a privilege and a pleasure to lead what I believe to be the best team in British sport and I accept this honour on their behalf."

Brian Cookson, President of British Cycling, recognised Peter's achievement: "I am very pleased that Peter has been given this prestigious award, as it recognises the unique contribution he has made to the successful regeneration of British Cycling. This regeneration has been achieved thanks to years of highly sustained effort, often in challenging circumstances, throughout which Peter's professional skills and abilities have always been matched by his personal qualities and his commitment to the sport".