The finale for the Revolution series 2006 was a fitting send off for veteran of some 120 Six day events, Jimmi Madsen and the perfect chance to see how Madison racing is done on the continent. The Olympic and World Championship medalist has also competed on the road and he bids an emotional goodbye... the Revolution riders performed a trackside guard of honour for him.

"I've done at least a hundred and twenty six days races, so I will sleep for at least a year. It's strange to say goodbye, it's over and out from me." he said to Mike Smith in a post racing interview.

A full programme of Elite Endurance racing also featured the top Junior sprinters from Great Britain and Germany. They went head to head in the team sprint, with Team GB beating the Germans. Bodes well for the future of GB track...

Elite men results

Madison "Devil"

1. Dean and Russell Downing

2. I Keisse & M Gilmore


1. Tony Gibb 11 points

2. Matt Rowe 6

3. Jonathan Bellis 5

4. Danny Stam 5

5. James Notley 3

1km Madison TT

1. C Newton & F Marvulli 59.242

2. T Gibb & J Taylor 59.864

3. I Keisse & M Gilmore 1.00.199

4. J Madsen & M Hester 1.00.230

5. M Brammeier & A Aeschbach 1.01.318

6. D Stam & P Schep 1.01.443

20km Madison

1. Marvulli & Newton 15 points + 2laps

2. Gilmore & Keisse 11 + 2

3. Schep & Stam 4 + 2

4. The Chuckle Brothers 0 + 2

5. Hampton & Dowsett 5 + 1

Revolution Raleigh Future Stars Boys Series Overall

1. Peter Kennaugh

2. Rhyss Lloyd

3. Mark McNal

Revolution Series 3 Raleigh Future Stars Girls Final Positions

1. Lucy Richards

2. Katie Curtis

3. Alex Greenfield

Best Newcomer: Hannah Mayho

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Photo Gallery

Madison expert Matt Gilmore Another win for Marvulli Deano Downing showing off the tan
and his new DFL strip The Future stars entertain Matt Gilmore leads the charge
Tony Gibb leads Ross Muir Madison winner Chris Newton Madsen retires - can we have your bike Jimmy?