Zoncolan Racing Team saddle £94.99

The Zoncolan is the latest saddle to emerge from San Marco, the Italian saddle specialist.

The boldly branded saddle adopts a wide flat shape with a slender narrow nose and abruptly angled front.The back is wide at 127mm across and almost circular in shape. Bio Foam padding has quite a bit of squidge when pressed with fingers and in use transfers into a comfortable perch. The wide base does provide a good platform for your sit bones.

The appealing aspect of the Zoncolan is that there are numerous options for where you sit, depending on how you’re riding. There’s oodles of comfort while your sit bones are located on the wide deeply padded back, and that long narrow nose is even more deeply padded for when you’re riding ‘on the rivet’ – for this reason I don't see why it shouldn't make an ideal time trial or triathlon saddle, something I'll be keen to find out soon when the time trial season starts.

The Lorica upper, available in black or white, is bedecked with bold San Marco branding splashed across it – there’s just something a little 'Pro' about that, which we like. Underneath, the base is carbon fibre-reinforced with titanium rails to lower the weight. It’s tidily put together: the upper glued and staple into place and the rails screwed into the base. All very nice.

This is undeniably a good looking saddle with its bold graphics and styling accents on the slanted nose. It hits the weight target for the race heads and those who like a flat saddle will find it a very comfortable place to park their bums for long rides.

Weight of this Racing Team, the mid-level offering, is 190g. Available in Racing, Racing Team and Carbon FX versions.


A comfortable, light and stylish saddle from the Italian saddle specialist.

performance 8
value 8
overall 8
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  • www.sellesanmarco.com