USE have been pretty busy. Check out their new full carbon aero bar - it's just finished 4th in the Commonwealth Games, as used by Michael Hutchinson. It's been tested (FEA and CFD) and they say that it is the quickest legal bar on the road.

Should be available later this year and the price will be competitive with similar products from Oval and Easton. They're British made though and look really stealth. If they live up to the aero claims it 'saves' around 14 watts of power, which is about 30 seconds over 40km. If you were doing the RAAM (Race Across America) then the bar will save over 9 hours.

Check out for more exclusive pics.

USE's latest - Tri bar integral brake lever with USE's end/brake lever
Used by Michael Hutchinson Standard rests and extensions New cnc machined stem
New clamp design 4 bolt with logo Sumo post with more lay back