The TCR show showcased a few new things and reminded us of a few favourites. Cervelo bikes are now available through Ultimate Pursuits stores, more information soon.

Posh Bikes are a weight weenies must visit store. Their brands include AX Lightness and M5 brakes and also they can provide BT (Bike Technologies) the frame that most of the Australian track and TT riders have been using to great effect. Most things at Posh Bikes are expensive, so don't be surprised not to find a bike cheaper than £2k.

Science in Sport launched thier latest take on the science of recovery. Tim Lawson tell us that sleep is the best thing going and their latest product Nocte is a late night cap intended to aid a restful night's kip. Look forward to testing some then!

Tracy Emin? No it's Tim Lawson! Token's latest Tri Bar Complete with stem all for under £200
M5 brake calipers £285 per pair! BLING! AX Lightness brakes in silver carbon Bonkers new bars from Tange
BT with Lightweight disc and all the knobs and whistles And here's all the knobs and whisltles Fujo Track Pro at £800 it's a bargain!
Cervelo's Carbon P3 Tri/TT bike Soloist for road use R3 with fab seat stays