These shorts are made from Cross-dyed stretch Microsensor fabric has a streamlined panel design, they have flatlocked seams in red stitching - tasty. They are suitably sleek looking with a pro-look cut and simple, subtle logos.

Comfortable Pearl Izumi spandex leg/thigh grippers keep them in place. And they appear to be pretty tough too, recovering OK after a spill at the velodrome. The Lycra didn't rip as we smashed into the boards at break-neck speed (well actually I slipped and slid down the bank like a fool) the seam frayed a little but no real damage. These shorts are clearly made from tough stuff.

The Ultrasensor mesh bib upper was a little wide (the braces bit) however the mesh back and ample braces meant you didn't feel restricted at all, or hot for that matter.

The patented 3D Pro Chamois with an 8mm contoured pad protection mimics the idea of a Specialized BG saddle, in that you sit on your sit bones and these are the bits that need the padding most. This means there's less bunching up around your tackle and less feeling like you are wearing a nappy.

Sizing-wise, I am usually a large in UK/Euro sizing but these are a medium and fit perfectly, the large felt like I was wearing fishing waders, so the biggest sizes will be fine for the larger rider.

RCUK Verdict

Bib shorts are essential items. These are the only ones I look for in the cycling kit drawer and I'm always happy to see them clean and ready for use, I've washed them countless times and they still look as good as new. The 3D padding is ingenious and very, very comfy. OK £85 is a lot of money but these are certainly worth it.

Photo Gallery

The Logo's stay put Cool mesh bibs The 3D pad is shaping up well