Neat and tidy

It's an age-old problem. Too many bikes in the house or flat have probably even ended several relationships. If you have limited space and more than two bikes it can become a complete headache. Step up The Art of Storage, they are a web based company that solves all those bike related domestics. Their products are designed to solve the practical problem and still look suitable for a Changing Rooms make over.

This one is called the Monet and it wouldn't look out of place in a swanky penthouse to hang your bike on the wall, just so you can stare at it... just me then? It's also a flat packers dream with tension wires holding it up in 'suspension bridge' fashion.

Folds flat - good for hallways

The Monet has integral shelf space too so when erected it can be used for a crash helmet, gloves etc. and two silicon rubber coated hooks to hold your bike securely and without scratches. It's a sinch to fit and comes with screws and plugs. It took us ten minutes to install (including five of those ten to find a screwdriver on Dave's desk).

The Monet holds one bike however there are other options for two bikes. This is the neatest in the range and it's clearly designed by cycling people as it has slotted brake cable guides for retaining the suspension cables, in a nod towards its purpose, which is nice. Also the powder coated finish and a smooth shaped plywood shelf make it much more 'living room furniture' than 'garage hook'. So we've attached it to the wall in the office and hung a bike up - job done.

The details on the Monet are very well considered and we've heard 'non-cycling other-halves' say things like: "well if it could hang on one of those, it wouldn't be so bad" Enough said really.

Price: £27.95, which including UK delivery.

Exclusively available through The Art of Storage


Perfectly formed plywood top slotted cable guides - neat solution All suspended by cables