The Joy of Mudguards

I’ll be the first to admit that road riding isn’t in my blood. My roots are in mountain biking, and for many of my formative years ripping trails through the woods and over the moors were my source of satisfaction. More recently, however, I have discovered road riding and the joys of flitting through country lines, seeking punishment on the crit circuits around London and the lack of cleaning required after most muddy mountain bike adventures. Yes, it seems the hook has sunk in deep.

Mudguards however, took a little longer to convince. For me, the sleek uncluttered lines of a modern racing bike are spoilt by those clunky-looking mudguards, with their struts attaching to the frame and that nasty rear-mounted reflector. No, mudguards just didn’t do it for me.

More recently though, I’ve noticed a change. I’m not sure if it’s my advancing years, the increasing mileage on the road bike or one too many instances of a wet and mud covered bum, but I’ve found a place in my heart for mudguards. From a practical and common-sense(read boring) perceptive, they make a lot of sense through the winter months. There’s at least five months when the chance of rain is high, and for the sake of a little extra weight and a loss of aesthetic appeal is more than made up for with a dry bum.

So here’s to mudguards, then…