Univega Via Laser £399.99

A beginners perspective

First impressions of this bike are that it's a very sexy piece of equipment. It is aesthetically pleasing and the blood red is an exceptionally good choice of colour.

The bike is made to be easily adjustable and only requires an Allen key set. Once initial changes have been made to suit your particular riding style, the Laser can be a noticeably smooth ride. The gears are extra responsive and precise in their target.

As a sports bike, it appears to have favourable attributes having a good range of gears and being very light ...which also helps in carrying it around.

As a road bike, it's perhaps not as suited to the slightly rougher street terrain and the constant starting and stopping. While in motion however, the Laser is fast and comfortable and with relatively few adjustments can maintain this good performance over many miles.

However, it does require some maintainance after perhaps every 100 miles on the road. The handlebar stem generally needed tightening and the rear mech went slightly out of sync ...but perhaps no different to any performance bicycle. I would recommend changing the saddle for road riding.

All in all, for those with some experience of riding in general, the Univega Via Laser is a stylish, capable and comfortable machine. It is perhaps a bit advanced for a totally new rider.

The feel-good factor must not be ruled out, as this bike is good looking and implores the rider to cruise with confidence. Those living in London will notice that the tyres are the same colour of the lines in the bus/cycle lanes ...although I don’t believe this was a particular consideration by the designers of either ...then again, you never know.

  • Sizes: XS/52 S/54 M/56 L/58 XL/60
  • Weight: 9.85kg
  • Frame: Tacoma aluminium double butted
  • Fork: High Modulus Carbon Race, Head tube aluminium
  • Derailleur: Shimano Tiagra
  • Shifter: Shimano Tiagra Triple
  • Transmission: Front 50/39/30, Rear 11-25
  • Handlebar: Concept Race Bar aluminium
  • Stem: Concept SL
  • Saddle: Tacoma Ultra
  • Seatpost: Concept SL
  • Brakes: Shimano Tiagra
  • Hubs: Shimano Tiagra
  • Rims: Rodi Kronos, aluminium
  • Tyres Vittoria Zaffiro, 23-622

  • www.wiggle.co.uk