Bioracer Anato Hurricane Bibtight £114.99

Somebody out there must like riding in tights like these or they wouldn't get made. So, for such potential buyers, the good news is that the Windtex fabric on the front of the leg and on the lower back does an excellent job of protecting from the wind. It presumably keeps a lot of rain off, although none fell on the day of the test. The Super Roubaix rear panels create a snug fit, the Airstripe Stretch 3D shammy is very comfortable and the combination of zippers at the back of the ankle and leg grippers around the bottom of the leg makes for a very svelte line to the lower leg.

Against these tangible benefits must be laid the fact that the very nature of these tight inhibits pedalling. That Windtex fabric has little stretch, much of which is taken up when pulling the garment on. The result is that, assuming the legs fit when standing up right, they are hard pushed to stretch around the knee when pedalling. One result is that the legs slowly get pulled down; the tester had to pull them back up several times during his ride. The other is that pedalling is hindered to some degree as the bit over the knee declines to stretch.

In fairness to Bioracer, the same problem afflicts any tights using a non-stretch windproof panel over the front of the leg. if that is not a problem for you, the other attributes of this design will make it a winner. If you prefer to pedal without that constrained sensation, go for the SuperRoubaix-throughout Storm bibtights instead.

And another thing; the feeling of warmth around the front of the legs and lower back leaves the buttocks feeling strangely cold. Some may like this. Sizes s-xxl, colour strips red, yellow, black.


Like riding with legs Gaffer-taped up

performance 7
value 6
overall 6