Cyclists in Devon are facing a new safety threat on the A3072. Last weekend 22 cyclists taking part in an Audax UK event were attacked when a resident buzzard decided to demonstrate a bit of audacity of her own.

The angry buzzard dive-bombed the cyclists and left some bleeding and torn while other had chunks ripped out of their helmets. And it's not the first time the buzzard, now nicknamed Buzz, has struck. 71-year-old local cyclist Paul Taylor told newspapers how he had been attacked by the bird. On the first occasion Paul was riding without a helmet and was left with a three-inch gash along the top of his head after the bird swooped down and ripped at his head with its beak and claws.

The RSPB say that the buzzard is probably protecting her chicks nesting nearby and suggest that cyclists wear helmets with eyes painted on them to put the buzzard off.

Most papers are carrying the story with 'Angry buzzard terrorises country road' style healines, The Sun, however, brings us Bird is utter Buzztard replete with detailed action and injury pics.