Trek has announced its support for and participation in the 2008 Camden Green Fair and Bikefest, which takes place on 1 June.

The Green Fair is the largest free eco-event in the UK and Trek is keen to be involved. This event will also host the launch of the proposed annual London Sustainability Week, or ‘Love London’.

Andrew Griffin of Trek says: “This is an enormously relevant and exciting event, with which Trek is proud to be associated. There can be no greater challenge facing the world than climate change, and to present ways in which we can all help, in an accessible form, should always be applauded and, if possible, supported."

Trek will also be showcasing bikes from its 2009 range with particular focus on hybrid and urban models. "With attention now on cycling not just as a means of transport but as the answer to a lot of what ails the world, we believe cycle advocacy should be the mainstay of any bicycle company’s public relations programme. The benefits of cycling on human health are well known, but the greater impact would be to improve the health of the planet."

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