CNP Professional Pro Energy Bars £26.16 (box of 30 bars)

CNP Professional is a specialist nutrition company set up by professional athletes and scientists to provide a wide array of supplements (protein shakes, protein bars, creatine supplements, meal replacements, mass gainers, weight loss supplements, post work out shakes etc) aimed at body builders, rugby players and boxers.

Its latest product, Pro Energy Bars, have, on paper, everything that cyclists need to refuel during long rides. It’s a fruit-flavoured low-fat cereal bar containing real fruit and grains, with each 70g bar providing 230 calories, 50g of carbohydrate and just 3g of fat.

Unlike some other energy bars, these are soft and easy to chew on and importantly, easy to digest. The two flavours, Berry and Banana, are both pleasingly non-offensive and not too sweet, though perhaps a touch on the dry side – you’ll want a swig of water to wash it down afterwards. They don’t take a lot of chewing though, which is a bonus when you’re flagging and just need some food inside your body quickly.

CNP Professional claim Pro Energy Bars “boost flagging energy levels and fill you up" and, after several long 5-hour rides with the bars as the main source of fuel, they certainly kept me going. They seem to kick in quickly too, and the small size of the bar and being so easy to digest made them convenient for refuelling on the move.


They’re not the tastiest energy bars in the world, but their best trait is they’re non-offensive and extremely easy to chew and digest.

performance 8
value 8
overall 8

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